"Can you fix my computer?"

I'm a developer. Even in my spare time, I don't build computers myself. I have a simple laptop without any customizations (besides DEV.to stickers).

But still, I'm the one guy every non-technical friend or family member asks for help. To be clear: I know exactly why they do that. It's obvious, that I still know more stuff about hardware and setting up printers than the non-technical friend. And that's ok.

But I don't want to complain about the fact, that I get asked to help. It's more about the fact how they ask for help. Let me tell you about that one time, when a good friend asked me to help her. We were on a little trip on a Sunday afternoon with friends, at a very old farm that got converted into a museum.

Friend: Lars, we wanted to ask you something.

Me: Sure. What's up?

Friend: My iPhone broke. It fell on the floor. Now the display is broken. Could you try to make a backup?

Me: At least I can try. Do you have it with you? Just give it to me and I will try it at home.

Friend: But you came by bike, didn't you?

Me: Yes?!

Friend: That might be a bit too heavy.

Me: The iPhone? No, I think I can handle that.

Friend: But there is also the laptop in the backpack. It would be nice if you could do the backup on our laptop directly so that it is set up for the next time.

Me: Oh, ok. Yes, I can do that.

Friend: Would you also check the anti-virus stuff? I think the license expired. And maybe updates and stuff for all the other important things as well?

Me: Hmm... sure.

Friend: But still, isn't it too heavy? The bag with the laptop, the iPhone and the tablet?


Friend: My daughter's teacher created some kind of account for some kind of app the kids should use. It would be super awesome if you could install that as well.

Me: Sure. No problem at all. Maybe something else?

Friend: No, I think that is it.

That's my favorite story when it comes to "Can you fix my computer"-stories. What's yours? Tell me about your funniest, saddest and/or latest request.